Final Fantasy III


Final fantasy – on the DS! It’s just like Final fantasy X for it’s gameplay, except maybe a bit basic. The graphics are not bad either. In fact, I was a bit surprised when I first witnessed them and it was much more than I expected. The opening sequence is brilliant for a DS. It demonstrates how great it is for the gaming system compared to other RPG DS games such as lunar genesis. Lunar Genesis is another story though – it’s more like a failure in trying to entertain RPG fanatics. FF3 I a remake of the old version specially designed for the DS and so has better graphics and features.


The story begins with you as a character called Luneth, originally an orphan raised by Nina and Elder Topana in his village of Ur. He stumbles across a hole found in his village. From there he discovers a mystical crystal that has been laid there for many years. He has been chosen by that crystal to go on a journey, where he will be joined by other “warriors of the light” to help save the world, bringing balance to the equilibrium of light and darkness.

The darkness is caused by evil people that cause havoc to the world and has knocked the world from its equilibrium.
Throughout Luneths journey he meets his best friend, Arc, whose into his books and studies. He was also raised by the same people as Luneth. Arc is great for his endowment of knowledge about fiends. There is also the last warrior of the light, Ingus, a loyal soldier of his King Sasune’s army. He makes a fine knight soldier when it comes to knocking down hard beasts. Then there’s Refia, raised in a town called Kazus by the mythril smith Takka (her father). She’s ideal for being a white mage, to cure everyone in the party. The White Mage is just one example of a “job”. A “job” is the type of fighter the character is. The game features at least 23 combinations of jobs for the set characters. You can make any of your characters a black mage, white mage, red mage, warrior, knight, dark knight, thief, scholar and many more. For each job, there are certain strengths that can be obtained. These strengths are very useful when it comes to battling out kickass bosses. As you move on in your journey, the boss levels get harder, so you may want to change jobs and improve on them to work on each characters job level.

If you played other final fantasy games then you’ll know what to do. It’s purely a mini version of final fantasy.
You can communicate with your friends and unlock challenges over Mognet using the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection. I never really used this feature, but I guess it’s helpful to improve on all your characters levels.

Remember this, the game is a remake of something very old and so you cant really compare it to the other final fantasies coming out now. But, for what it is, a simple DS RPG game, it is brilliant. It’s easily the best RPG game out on the DS at the moment.


By Hammy

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