Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10
I was looking for a laptop mainly to use for checking e-mails and surfing the web and came across the netbook.  These bad boys are super small laptops with screens ranging from around 7 to 10inches in size that are designed mainly for surfing the net. I was quite happy to come across such a convenient device for my needs!

This brought me to the Samsung NC10 which in my opinion is a beautiful netbook with a nice glossy finish (mind the finger prints!). The main reason I chose the Samsung NC10 over other netbooks was because of the following:

  • It looked great in pictures on the net. (I apologise for my blurry picture)
  • It has a 10inch screen (10.2inch to be exact, a fair bit bigger than the 8inch norm for netbooks at the time).
  • Its supposedly gives over 7 hours battery life.
  • It comes with 1GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive plenty (I thought) for surfing the net.
  • It had a bigger keyboard compared to other netbooks.
  • It comes with Microsoft Windows XP preloaded onto it.

Mine came in black and it really was a sight to behold. The NC10 also comes in blue and white as well.
As you can see from the picture on the left the NC10 has a nice glossy finish which easily attracts finger print marks so a cleaning cloth would be handy to have. One thing to note is that the Samsung NC10’s build quality was very good but I’d recommend not dropping it anytime soon.

The 10.2inch screen gives you a maximum resolution of 1024x600 pixels which is not bad but the real point of mention for the screen has to be that it is really bright, in a good way the picture quality is top notch too.

I put the NC10 to test by using it without the mains to see how long it would last for when using to surf the net (its primary use) and it just kept on going I don’t have a specific time but I honestly believe the claim of over 7 hours battery life I used it for most of the day without needing to charge it. It isn’t the fastest computer but i wasn’t really expecting it to be but it performs admirably and doesn’t take that long to start up (off course this will probably change once I fill it full of lots of software/bloat ware).
I’ve been using the netbook for about a month now and it takes around 1 minute to get to load the desktop from switch on. You can replace the RAM with a 2GB stick (bought separately) which I’ve heard slightly speeds it up but I haven’t tried this out yet.  The keyboard is quite easy to use but it does take a little getting used to. The backspace button is slightly smaller than usual and so is the shift key on the right hand side due to size constraints of the laptop but once you are used to these keys it is a doddle typing away on the NC10.  One thing I wasn’t too keen on is the tracker pad . It was a little too small for my liking and I had to disable the scroll functions on it otherwise i would keep on accidentally scrolling down pages instead of moving the mouse.
To summarise:

  • It looks great in person.
  • Its 10.2 inch screen is ample and bright for web use.
  • In practice it can give up to 7 odd hours battery life under light use.
  • The ram and hard drive is definitely sufficient for web surfing and general use.
  • The keyboard is large enough for comfortable use even for long spells of time.
  • The tracker pad is a tad bit too small (can rectify this with a wireless notebook mouse)

At the end of the day the NC10 really does accomplish the tasks its set out to do and then some. It has a very long battery life, shed loads of hard drive space and a wonderfully bright ample sized screen. The screen resolution could be a little higher and the keyboard a little bigger plus the tracker pad is a little on the small side but I would definitely recommend the Samsung NC10 as a netbook of choice.

By Ashman


Rating                    9/10