JBL Creature II 2.1 speaker system

PC speakers tend to be pretty boring peripherals that usually come free with our computers. Its rare to see anything eye catching in but the JBL creature II speakers are here to prove that even your PC speakers can look good.

JBL speakers

JBL are specialists in audio and make audio equipment for the car, home and professional use. The creature II speakers are part of the JBL multimedia series designed for use with portable music players and computers. The creature II is a 2.1 sound system that comes with a sub woofer that also powers the speakers.

One thing that you will notice straight away is that these speakers look beautiful and would be the perfect finishing touch to a PC designed with style in mind. The speakers for this review came in a glossy black colour but you can also get them in white, aluminium and red. There is also a mat grey colour but I didn't really like that colour much. I have to just mention again that the creature II really is a thing of beauty and you need to see them first hand because pictures don't do them justice.

Sound wise the speakers are brilliant. They make normal speakers sound like an old scratchy gramophone, they are so so much better. They’re not enough to make an audiophile sweaty at night, but you’d be surprised. The tiny speakers make a lot of noise, especially when used in a small room like a home office or bedroom. The first time I heard them I was very surprised. “Daayum!” were my initial thoughts. They lose it a bit in a large space but no ones really going to be using these in a large hall.



The bass is good but can get twitchy at loud volumes. I’m not sure if it’s because its playing low quality sound but there is something odd about them sometimes. They’re only as good as the soundcard you have I suppose. One small thing that annoys my lazy self is the on/off button is at the back of the subwoofer, not at the front. I suppose this is to keep it out the way and keep it looking stylish, but it means I have to move more which upsets me. When I say move more, I mean curl your hand round the back of the subwoofer.

The set up is simple. Its idiot proof you could say no, dotard proof. The three plugs are colour coded and the wires from the speakers each have a different shape, you can’t get the plug into the wrong socket.


The speakers on a whole bring together simplicity, style and great audio. You get the feel these weren’t just mass-produced to make money. Someone thought about them, someone designed them and crafted them. The volume is controlled by two touch sensitive buttons on the front. The bass and treble controls on the subwoffer are little silver knobs which continue the stylish feel of the speakers. They look like little alien ships that have just landed on your desk. The little things like the green lights that glow underneath the speakers, the finishing touches, make it feel like it’s definitely worth the money. I’d recommend them and I’m a stingy git. I brought them! Doesn’t that tell you enough?!



By Ashman


Rating                             8/10