Overlord II playable demo now available on the PlayStation® Store & PC!

Thursday 11th June/...Gamers can now step into the delightfully despotic shoes of the new Overlord and take full control of a horde of vicious, malicious but ultimately lovable Minions, as Codemasters today announced that the Overlord® II playable demo is now available on the PlayStation® Store for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC; the PC demo is now available to download from www.overlordgame.com/gb/try. accompanying Overlord II gameplay video explains how the new Overlord grows up in his dark Netherworld domain with the help of Minion Keeper Gnarl and his slavish and loyal Minion subjects. Raised by Gnarl and the Minions, the “Overlad” grows into the mighty Overlord as the Glorious Empire cements its hold on the world above. Players will get to witness the might of the Glorious Empire and get a glimpse of all-new enemies like the magic-detecting Sentinels and the huge, magic-eating Eradicators.


In the Overlord II demo, players step into the big spiky boots of a new Overlord whose sights are firmly set on becoming the king of chaos, the bringer of evil and the master of Minions. As the demo opens the Overlord, aided and abetted by a team of brown fighter Minions, emerges from his underground lair into the ice caves only to discover a Yeti frozen in a block of ice. The Minions can, in their inimitably violent way, 'defrost' him and then give chase as he knuckles out into the snowy wastes of the Hunting Grounds, near the town of Nordberg.

Then it's time to put the Minions to work, harvesting valuable life-force from the indigenous fauna. Minions will happily lock onto anything in the vicinity - including fluffy seal pups ('Well,' argue the Minions, 'the smelly furballs are eating all the lovely fishies'). There are also Nordburgian Hunters and hippy, peace-loving elves to contend with but, as ever, the Minions aren't fussy who they attack for their master.

To speed their progress, Minions can befriend a pack of wolves and ride them through the snowy landscape like a Minion Cavalry. The wolf-mounted Minion is an altogether tougher force, more deadly and more agile - wolves have their own attack moves and will knock enemies off their feet through sheer force, biting and goring opponents into submission.

Discover why being evil has never been so much fun with the Overlord II playable demo now available from the PlayStation® Store for the Playstation®3 computer entertainment system and PC ahead the full game's launch on June 26th†. The demo is also available for Xbox® 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace [http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802434D0809]. To download the PC demo and see the new Overlord II gameplay video, command your Minions to go to www.overlordgame.com.