SAVE £2,014.23 WITH A £19.99 VIDEOGAME

Save on expensive organised children’s birthday bashes with innovative ‘party in a box’

Wednesday 24th June/...A new Nintendo Wii videogame is set to save parents, on average, £2,014.23 over seven years – by providing a fantastic children’s birthday party experience in a £19.99 box.

Available in shops now, It’s My Birthday! offers everything parents need to get the party started. Party invitations, banners and colouring sheets are included within the box, along with a special crown for the all-important birthday boy or girl.

With household budgets under tremendous strain, It’s My Birthday! provides a cost-effective alternative to organised birthday bashes which, according to website, can cost between £268.57 and £358.35 for a party of 12. The game is recommended for birthday parties ranging from six to 12 year-olds – giving a total of seven years’ value from one £19.99 purchase.

“It’s My Birthday! is a fantastic alternative to expensive organised events,” says Simon Turner, UK Marketing Manager, 2K Play. “Providing all the fun of a traditional birthday party, it’s a brilliant way to entertain your children and their friends without the huge expense of hiring an entertainer or booking a venue. This £19.99 game can act as the centrepiece to any child’s birthday, offering superb value for money during these tough economic times. Of course, it’s not just a case of sitting children in front of a screen – thanks to the unique motion-sensing capabilities of the Nintendo Wii, children will be actively taking part in digital recreations of classic party games, brilliantly designed and hugely entertaining.”

The game provides a unique and entertaining way to host a children’s birthday celebration, offering state-of-the-art party games which can be enjoyed by up to 12 children at a time on the Wii. Modernising classics like pin the tail on the donkey, sack race, musical chairs, and 17 other traditional birthday games, it’s the perfect way to host a memorable and fun children’s birthday party – without breaking the bank.

When it’s time for the cake, the game even breaks into ‘Happy Birthday’, complete with on-screen lyrics to encourage everyone at the party to give a rousing rendition.

It’s My Birthday! can be used over and over again, and still offers fun for all the family even when the candles go out. In addition, publisher 2K even offers the ability to print out additional invitations for free after the originals have been used.

It’s My Birthday! will be available on June 19th exclusively for Nintendo Wii, and was developed by party game specialists Cat Daddy Games, the team behind the four-million selling Carnival: Funfair Games.