Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has arrived in Europe and as part of Capcom’s post launch initiatives there will be a range of new quests and bonus items available to download for free of charge each month. To celebrate today’s launch the first three are already available and feature a jungle based quest for beginners and two hunting quests for the more advanced hunter. Gamers have 50 minutes to complete each quest and if successful they will be rewarded with some cash to purchase new weapons and armour or buy some treats for their Felyne. If that’s not enough then take advantage of some of the bonus items that are also on offer. There are new titles to add to your Guild Card and access to new Felynes and skills to equip them with. Just visit the download section when you’re in the main menu of the game and you will be able to download the quests for free.

Capcom is also launching a retail initiative to encourage players to team up and embark on their journey through the world of Monster Hunter together. Purchasers of the game will find a unique game code printed on the back of the game manual which once entered on the Capcom Europe website will generate its own unique team code. Everytime you persuade one of your friends to purchase the game make sure they register on the website using this team code. Get three of your friends to register and you will be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw to win some fantastic Capcom prizes as well as a position on the leader board. The person sitting at the top of the leader board at the end of the year will win a grand prize!

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Happy hunting,
Capcom Europe PR Team