BRIGHTON, United Kingdom – 30 June, 2009 – NCSOFT®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today launched Issue 15: Anniversary, the next exciting chapter of City of Heroes®, the premier comic-book inspired MMO. Commemorating the game’s recent five-year anniversary celebration, Issue 15: Anniversary brings City of Heroes its 15th major free content update introducing players to all-new content, missions, features and customization tools that continue to place City of Heroes at the forefront of the evolving MMO genre.

“City of Heroes continues to reinvent itself with each Issue launch providing players with new content, developmental tools and exciting game play experiences they can’t get anywhere else,” said Brian Clayton, general manager and executive producer of City of Heroes. “Issue 15 is no different – it brings players the revival of one of the most popular villain groups in the game, streamlined Mission Architect search and navigation, as well as enhanced character customization featuring even more costumes, faces and costume change animations which will all surprise and delight the community.”

Issue 15: Anniversary allows City of Heroes to come to life with more in-depth gameplay experiences and storytelling options as it marks the revival of The 5th Column, the most popular villain group, through 10 new action-packed missions. Players will participate in a Hero Task Force or a Villain Strike Force, in order to uncover the mystery behind this long dormant foe. Along with the new missions, players can now customise their characters with more than 20 extra character faces, Vines and Ulterior themed costume sets and several new costume change emotes - visual animations that come to life when characters transition between costumes within the game.

Additionally, Issue 15: Anniversary introduces players to new mission creation enhancements, testing tools and navigation services as part of the recently launched Mission Architect system. These features allow players to more easily create and polish their own unique custom content before sharing it with the public, and help streamline the process of searching through user-generated missions. Since the release of City of Heroes’ Mission Architect system, two months ago, users have developed and published more than 200,000 stories for the community to enjoy.

Join millions of super powered heroes and villains and become your own unique super powered hero to save the world, or an infamous villain seeking to destroy it. City of Heroes has received a 16+ rating by PEGI. For more information about City of Heroes and specifics on Issue 15: Anniversary, please visit the game’s official website at