Explore the world of My Friends Introducing some of the My Friends worlds!


Fun and excitement lie ahead for My Friends, which worlds will you choose to visit in this fun & exciting environment? Travel around the world with your friends to different locations and test your skills. Try the sports field – see how good you are at Sheep tag, take a mad dash – but don’t get stuck in the mud!!

Using the world map, you can move rapidly around the 6 different locations: the possibilities are endless! Will you choose to play Run Run Rabbit in the Playground or will you join your friends in the Gardens and play Stuck in Mud? Or after a long day why not chill out at the Ice Rink with some Puck Push, just don’t get lost in the Woods on the way! And don’t forget to collect those gifts for your friends!

Hours of fun and games this summer, let My Friends take you to a whole new world of fun & games!

Make Friends, Play Games, Have Fun with My Friends, available for Nintendo DS™ on 31st July 2009.