Legendary football club, FC Barcelona today opens its ‘VIP Room’ inside the virtual world of Empire of Sports

Friday 3rd July/... Empire of Sports, the first virtual world entirely dedicated to sport, is proud to announce further developments with Europe’s brand new football champion, FC Barcelona. Today will see the opening of the VIP room in the virtual Barça Club house, where subscribers can enjoy all sorts of exclusives benefits.

Further to the hugely successful partnership created earlier this year between Empire of Sports and FC Barcelona, many exciting new developments have taken shape both on and offline. While Barça has been taking the Champions League by storm and claimed the title to Manchester United, the virtual world of Empire of Sports has welcomed a substantial number of new Barça fans who have signed up to experience the joys of up to 10 vs. 10 football.

The virtual Barça club inside Empire of Sports provides FC Barcelona with a unique opportunity to offer its fans a virtual online meeting place. No matter where they are in the world, fans can interact with each other through their avatar – their virtual three-dimensional representation in the game.

Today, FC Barcelona further enriches its partnership and involvement with Empire of Sports by throwing open the doors to the new ‘VIP room’. The VIP room will be situated within the resident virtual Barça club house and will provide subscribers with all kinds of exclusive benefits, such as a complete Barça strip for their avatar, reserved missions, events and competitions.

If you love the ‘beautiful game’ and want to show your support for FC Barcelona, all you need to do is download the game client from www.empireofsports.com (900 Mo), register and start playing for free!

Empire of Sports is currently in the Prologue phase: this phase allows the game to expand progressively, with the help and feedback of its vast community of online players.