Make Friends, Play Games, Have Fun!!

Create your own world of friends with My Friends this Summer!

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, ENGLAND, April 30th, 2009: Oxygen Games are pleased to announce My Friends for the Nintendo DS™, a whole new world of playing!

Create your very own 3D character and then go and explore your new Friends World. Explore for gifts, snacks and surprises; unlock secrets and play mini-games. You can make new friends in the game with cool outfits and keep them happy by playing mini-games with them and giving them gifts! The happier your friends are, the more games, clothes, accessories and hairstyles you can unlock… you can even unlock new locations to go and explore and play games in! You can share gifts and friends with other Nintendo DS owners and also chat with up to three of them via DS Wireless Communications.

This summer, let My Friends take you to a whole new world of fun & games!

Make Friends, Play Games, Have Fun with My Friends, available for Nintendo DS™ in June 2009.