Resistance Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of man, at first glance looks like another World War 2 game, but the creepy aliens soon change that. The game is set in the 50’s after World War 2, during which time and alien like virus called the chimera has been breeding in Russia. The Russians held it in for 10 years, and good on them for it, but eventually it broke out and the whole of Europe fell. Of course, the world’s only hope can be a single American soldier so in they come over the white cliffs of Dover to save the day. Or so they think…


The chimera is hellishly brutal, and the Americans don’t even know anything about them. You play as Nathan Hale, and both of you share something in common, you don’t have a clue what’s happening. You are chucked straight into the action and are attacked by big scary alien like zombie thingies – the chimera. You spend the rest of the game taking out the chimera and learning more about them. The story is a bit odd as you seem to jump from one place to another with weak connections and the end is a little open-ended and may leave you disappointed, but getting there is one hell of a ride.

The graphics are impressive, the characters and like are nothing impressive but the backgrounds are brilliant – and they keep changing. You don’t feel like you played the whole game in the same place, the changing environments keep the game feeling alive and exciting. And the levels are huge, and there’s loads of action. Occasionally you’ll get to bits where you just walk around; I suppose these are for letting you calm down a bit after being attacked. Despite all this action though, the game never slows down, there are no hitches on the screen, it keeps running smoothly. Well done insomniac.

But, having a great playground to play on isn’t all that makes a good FPS, you need guns, and boy do they deliver. From the start till the end, you will love these rifles. You also get a fun array of grenades and the like and if you use everything in the right place at the right time, you could be pretty powerful. However, don’t expect it to be a complete breeze, the enemy are tough too. They aren’t too hard to take down on their own, but they’re smart. They hide behind things, change positions, snipe you or gang up on you. You might take one down, but if a whole group charges you, you’re screwed. That’s what I love about this game, you don’t just charge around killing everything, you have to sit back, be patient, take 'em out in small groups and then move forward. There’s something more real about it, and there’s something frightening about it too. Imagine crouching behind a wall, 6 chimeras have dug themselves over on the other side of the road and the guy that was standing next to you has just been peppered with bullets. Scary? Well its nothing compared to standing in a cathedral and watching hundreds of little beasties crawl out the walls to come and eat you.

As a game Resistance Fall of Man is great, stories a bit weak, but gameplay is brilliant. You get a great campaign, and you can go online and play against loads of other people. All round fun. Thing is, it just seems like an incredible ps2 game, it’s not revolutionary, it uses the sixaxis now and again, and the online play is great but that’s the only thing that tells you this is a ps3 game. But, if they can make something this fun at the start of the PS3’s life, imagine what is yet to come.


By The Fat

First Impressions


Thrown right into the action straight away



The strongest part of the game. Great fun!



Great but doesnt quite fill you with awe



Good themes



Levels weakly connected, but interesting