Do you like games with gore and blood?

Slicing enemies like raw meat? Than this game is fun for sure! Conan, the barbarian, gives you everything you missed in Prince of Persia, more action than Ninja Gaiden and a better camera system than God of War! The game that provides a 100 different moves, giving you more ways to kill your opponent! This game is a killer.

Flesh and bones!

So you want to become a real barbarian? Well first start with this new game from Nihilistic. You are Conan, a big muscle guy who likes chicks and weapons. Yes, chicks, when you are playing the game you need to collect/save maids that are captured (and are naked). And no! You can’t do anything more than just free them. (Not like God of War, where you can gain health by…. You know what I mean).

With the saving system of Conan it’s easy to resume your mission when you have been fallen. You can’t save any time in the game, you have to seek out a “saving stone”.

You like raw meat?

Your mission is to get all your equipment back that you have lost during a previous mission. In that mission you had lost your memories and armour as well. At first you start on your own, slashing trough an army of soldiers, giant gorillas and lions. After that you get some help of a lovely lady.

But the sad thing is, Conan falls in love with her, and suddenly she gets kidnapped by a giant gorilla. Now you’re on a mission! You have to save here, and get your armour!

You like toys?

Conans' got allot of weapons to use, swords, axes, shields, etc. You can wear 2 weapons, an axe with a shield, or two axes/swords, or 1 big ass sword, etc. With each combination of weapons you aquire different kinds of moves/finishing moves. In the beginning you get several moves. Later on you get stronger and more skilled, you earn experience points from fighting which you can use to attain new moves.

How’s the view!

The thing with Conan is, you get allot of slicing and killing but the graphics are a bit last-gen. It's a shame because I really enjoyed playing this game! But the environment looks a bit blurry and not realistic enough. The enemy’s up-close are too simple and there isn't much variation in the game.

You mostly use your sword or axe to kill your opponent, sometimes using a watering can or a barrel, that’s it. The cut scenes are nice to watch but it’s mostly in game. Some story parts are made by hand, like drawings and paintings.


Overall the game isn't’t that bad! I really enjoyed killing the bosses, with mutliple move combos. It was fun trying to get all the different kind of moves, like the ability to slice your enemy in half in mid air. The problem was, once you can do all the combinations, the game becomes much too easy to play. Just wait for your opponent to strike than parry (block) it so you get the right combination button and then hit the button! It looks cool the first few times but the problem is it becomes repetitive.


By Ahmer

First Impressions


Loads of blood, burning houses, lots of combo’s.






God of war re-run



Not the lever of other games.



Good music while playing, reasonable sound effects.